SockBuddys are your feet’s best friend. Get relief as you wear them. SockBuddys helps energize and eases the symptoms of tired, aching, or swollen feet


A padded shaped heel cup for accurate positioning, our socks provides targeted compression in the Arch and Ankle providing comfort and support. Sockbuddys are made to be durable and are designed to ensure a comfortable fit during everyday use.

Copper – Infused Technology

From the moment you wear our SockBuddys socks you will benefit from our unique Copper-infused technology. Copper promotes smoother and healthier skin, and is both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, Copper also helps reduce the formation of blisters on the foot.

Better Circulation

Wearing the SockBuddys’ will help the circulation by preventing blood pooling in the lower extremities, allowing fluid to move into the surrounding tissue. The more you boost your blood flow, the lower the risk of developing swollen feet

The Better Sock

Our SockBuddys socks provide compression around the Foot and Ankle, providing both support and comfort, helping to maintain proper foot alignment.  

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SockBuddys Reviews

Phil Tourch Verified Buyer

Really Really! works!!

I workout every day and wear my Sockbuddy socks religously to get that extra strength on my ankles, and when I am on the treadmill I feel the support and feel the difference, listen do your self a favor and get these socks, they well help with your workout.


Marc Henry Verified Buyer

At first I was like... can these socks really make a difference?

I have Plantar Fasciitis and if you do too, well you know what I'm talking about. I DON'T usually write any reviews but hey, no bull... I do not feel pain as much I used to,  so I felt that i needed to just tell people. When I know I am going to be on my feet all day I wear my Sockbuddys! its that simple.


Dawn Cruz Verified Buyer

Very cool..

Thank you Sockdocs! my feet don't stink! anymore.  With these socks I was no longer afraid to take off my sneakers at my boyfriends place! OMG! it was so embarrassing BUT not anymore I bought like 10 of these.. LOVE THE RED ONES!


Sockbuddy™ Benefits

• Reduces Pain associated with Plantar Fasciitis & Heel Spurs

• Copper – Infused Compression Technology.

• Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial & Anti-odor protection.

• Reduces Edema & Swelling in the Foot, Ankle & Leg.

• Copper aides with the development of new skin cell.

• Copper makes skin stronger, fuller and flexible.

• Copper ions helps with insulation keeping your feet warm.

• Helps reduce the pain associated with Flat feet