SockBuddys -The Power of Copper with each step (Ankle and arch Support sock)

SockBuddys are your feet’s best friend.  Get relief as you wear them. SockBuddys helps energize and eases the symptoms of tired, aching, or swollen feet.


A padded shaped heel cup for accurate positioning, our socks provides targeted compression in the Arch and Ankle providing comfort and support. Sockbuddys are made to be durable and are designed to ensure a comfortable fit during everyday use.

Copper – Infused Technology

From the moment you wear our SockBuddys socks you will benefit from our unique Copper-infused technology. Copper promotes smoother and healthier skin, and is both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, Copper also helps reduce the formation of blisters on the foot.

SockBuddys’ Features & Benefits

  1. Reduces Ankle and Foot Sprains and Strains

  2. Reduces Pain associated with Plantar Fasciitis & Heel Spurs

  3. Copper – Infused Compression Technology

  4. Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial & Anti-odor protection

  5. Reduces Edema & Swelling in the Foot, Ankle & Leg

  6. Helps reduce the pain associated with Flat feet

  7. Helps reduce Blister formation

The Better Sock

Our SockBuddys socks provide compression around the Foot and Ankle, providing both support and comfort, helping to maintain proper foot alignment.