Sockdocs™ – Diabetic Casual & Athletic Socks (3 x Pair)

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Our socks help maintain proper circulation to the lower extremities and prevent harmful problems from occurring. They also prevent blood clots and assist in relieving achy legs, which helps soothe foot-related discomfort. Diabetic socks typically range from ankle to knee-high in height.

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  • – Non-Binding
  • – Loose Top Fit
  • – Helps Circulation
  • – Extra Cushioning

Additional information

Weight 3.5 oz
Size Large: Women’s (11-1/2 to 13), Men’s (10-1/2 to 12), Medium: Women’s (9-1/2 to 11), (Men’s 8-1/2 to 10)
Color White

Large: (Women’s 11-1/2 to 13) Men’s (10-1/2 to 12), Medium: (Women’s 9-1/2) to 11) (Men’s 8-1/2 to 10)


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