Foot Guardian® – Dynamic Off Loading Device

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The Foot Guardian is a patented medical device used for off-loading the foot, ankle, and leg and is used for the prevention and treatment of pressure sores.


The Foot Guardian helps eliminate pressure on the foot, ankle, and leg.  The Foot Guardian was designed to help, prevent, and treat pressure sores.  It is the only dynamic device allowing a patient the freedom of movement while being bed-bound.  The Foot Guardian helps prevent pressure sores by eliminating excessive pressure over bony prominence. Pressure sores are lesions of the skin caused by a decreased in the localized circulation to the skin, causing the skin and underlying tissues to deteriorate.  Pressure sores are for the most part preventable and are typically seen in a people with diabetes and peripheral vascular diseases. If left untreated, pressure sores can result in the loss of limb and life.


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