The Sockdocs Mulligan Sock offers an anatomically shaped foot-ends which provide enhanced cushioning in targeted areas of high impact.  Designed to enhance your comfort when you are on the golf course. The Mulligan Sock features superior moisture control to dry faster and stay dry longer.  Made with copper and built with an enclosed toe seam to give you a comfortable, secure fit and reduce irritation and for added durability during active wear, the heels are also reinforced with a padded layer.

Heel pain and Plantar fasciitis can become symptomatic just by doing excessive walking on the golf course. Your Golf swing can place additional stress on the Feet and Ankles.  The most common golf-related foot injuries are seen are Heel pain (fasciitis), Metatarsal, tendonitis, and Interdigital neuroma, these injuries are caused by increase motion in the foot.  Blisters are also a common injury seen in golfers.  While improper shoe gear along with the wrong sock can cause an increased incidence of blisters, it has been found that the Mulligan Sock May significantly help the golfer with this problem.

The Mulligan sock has 18% Copper-infused fibers throughout the sock promoting healthier and softer skin along with blister reducing capabilities.

The Mulligan™ Sock

  • Reduces Ankle and Foot Sprains and Strains

  • Reduces Pain associated with Plantar Fasciitis & Heel Spurs

  • Copper – Infused Compression Technology

  • Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial & Anti-odor protection

  • Reduces Edema & Swelling in the Foot, Ankle & Leg

  • Helps reduce the pain associated with Flat feet

  • Helps reduce Blister formation