Foot Guardian®

The Foot Guardian helps eliminate pressure on the foot, ankle, and leg.  The Foot Guardian was designed to help, prevent, and treat pressure sores.  It is the only dynamic device allowing a patient the freedom of movement while being bed-bound.  The Foot Guardian helps prevent pressure sores by eliminating excessive pressure over bony prominence. Pressure sores are lesions of the skin caused by a decreased in the localized circulation to the skin, causing the skin and underlying tissues to deteriorate.  Pressure sores are for the most part preventable and are typically seen in a people with diabetes and peripheral vascular diseases. If left untreated, pressure sores can result in the loss of limb and life.

The Foot Guardian is a patented medical device used for off-loading the foot, ankle, and leg and is used for the prevention and treatment of pressure sores.

Foot Guardian Features & Benefits

  • Removes pressure from the foot while the patient reclines.

  • 1st Dynamic off-loading device that is non-constricting and allows the bed-bound patient the freedom of movement and mobility, without placing pressure on sensitive areas

  • Helps patients at risk for Pressure Ulcers.

  • Helps patients with Diabetic Ulcers.

  • Reduces swelling in the foot, ankle, and legs.

  • Protects Heels, Ankles & Feet from pressure sores and ulcers.

  • Non- Constricting Device that allows Freedom of movement and exercise without putting pressure on sensitive areas.

  • Patented ventilation holes can help circulate air providing a breathable and better healing environment. Medical Grade Polyurethane Foam that is breathable, allowing heat and moisture removal.

  • Clinically safe and useful for the treatment of pressure sores.

  • The Only dynamic offloading device is allowing a patient the freedom of movement while lying down.

  • User-Friendly

  • One Size Fits All


Treatment and Prevention of Pressure Sores is the key to reducing the incidence of Pressure Sores.  Good medical care, proper antibiotics, wound care. And off-loading the ulcer area is essential for treating pressure sores.  The success of an off-loaded device will depend on a variety of factors:


  • Effectiveness in relieving pressure

  • Cost & Efficacy

  • Ease in Application and Use

  • Comfort

The incidence of pressure sores was increasing within the patient population, resulting in increased morbidity, mortality, along with the financial burden and added pain and suffering.  Pressure-relieving devices like the Foot Guardian must be utilized to help Prevent and Treat pressure sores.

Reducing the Pressure at the site of an ulcer will increase the microcirculation; it important that medical professionals in hospitals, nursing homes, and wound care centers, are educated for proper treatment of pressure sores.

The Foot Guardian has been clinically tested and is safe and effective in reducing pressure over bony prominences where pressure sores form. Unlike some traditional products that contain lamb’s wool where there is no evidence-based data that supports that it works.