About - Dr David Shaffer

David Shaffer is the founder of Sockdocs Inc , an innovative foot care company, Sockdocs Inc. was born from ingenuity, necessity, perseverance, and genuine concern for patient’s wellbeing. It is drawing upon 39 years of diagnostic excellence and surgical experience. Dr. Shaffer dedicates himself to ensuring that podiatric wellness should never be financially prohibitive. He is doing this by developing affordable-yet effective-alternative foot care products that alleviate patients’ pain.

Upon graduation from the New York College of Podiatric Medicine, Dr. Shaffer completed a Medical/Surgical residency program at the West Haven VA Medical Center. During this intense training program, he honed in on the art of diagnosing and treating complex podiatric foot disorders and problems. Dr. David Shaffer carried this craft with him into private practice, delving into dermatology, radiology, sports medicine, and other sub-specialties to identify the root causes of the patients’ discomforts. With this knowledge, he implemented effective treatments for both the treatment and prevention of foot disorders that have become the standard of care in the medical community.

As medical care costs and exorbitant expenses associated with comprehensive treatment continued to climb, Dr. Shaffer sought to develop affordable, yet effective, patient solutions. Improve their quality of life. Dr. Shaffer sought to develop affordable, yet effective, patient solutions that improve their quality of life. Understanding that small changes synergistically create revolutionary improvements, he worked to identify ways to improve his patients’ foot care comfort to promote their overall health and wellness.

From his home laboratory, he creates new products and prototypes for the prevention and treatment of common foot disorders, using cost-effective materials and manufacturing procedures. He regularly reminds himself of an expression he often used while teaching students as an attending at Catholic Medical Center: “Will this work? You’ll never know until you try.” Dr. Shaffer holds six patents relating to podiatric wellness. One of his first inventions was the use of liquid crystals in mapping temperature variations in the foot and mapping pressure-sensitive areas on the bottom of the foot.

The FootGuardian is an off-loading device, used in the prevention and treatment of pressure sores of the foot, heel, and ankle. It is the only off-loading device that is dynamic, allowing the patient to move freely while in bed, and still be able to be off-loaded completely. His Sockbuddy sock is an Ankle and Arch support sock that has targeted compression, along with Copper-infused technology. The Sockbuddy can help stabilize weak ankles, thus helping to prevent ankle sprains. Targeted areas of compression and support make this a useful product in the treatment of plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and swelling of the foot and ankle. The Bunion Buster™ is a mitten-like sock that helps to realign the big toe and aids in reducing hammer and overlapping toes. 

The Bunion Buster™ is an excellent alternative to existing bulky splints, and to those patients that do not want or aren’t candidates for foot surgery. Dr.Shaffer earned his Pharm D from the University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy in 1975, with a minor in pharmacology, chemistry, and biology. Before entering medical school, he was a pharmaceutical scientist involved in research and development. In 1977, he entered into the Podiatry program at the New York College of Podiatric and graduated in 1981.