Bunion Buster™ 

Get a pair of Bunion Busters for only $24.95 The Bunion Buster is the #1 selling bunion and Hammertoe splint on the market today for comfort and support.

Corrective and Preventative Properties

When your new pair of shoes causes discomfort and pain, think of our socks as your first and best solution. Sockdocs’ patent-pending design offers the relief you’re seeking while also helping to realign the big toe. The Bunion Buster helps prevent the progression of a bunion deformity.

More Than a Splint

The Bunion Buster offers you an alternative approach from traditional bulky straps and splints. With Sockdocs’, active foot care means more than comfort and relief; our socks help reduce other foot-related issues that start with a bunion. Since research has shown that an untreated bunion gets worse. Wearing your Bunion Buster socks with or without shoes provides immediate relief.

The added benefit of our Patented Splinting System Technology helps to treat long-term, chronic pain associated with muscle, tendon and ligament fatigue.

Day or Night

Engineered and designed with comfort in mind, the Bunion Buster can be worn with or without shoes both as a day splint or night splint. Clinically proven safe and effective, our sock will leave your feet feeling comfortable and supported, keeping your bunion and hammertoes in good alignment.

From the moment you try our product, you will benefit from immediate relief and comfort. Hands down the best socks you’ll ever put onto your feet, you feel more comfortable your shoes again. More than that, our specialty socks are also an alternative to painful bunion surgery.

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Bunion Buster Reviews

Janet Guzman Verified Buyer


I have used pretty much, almost all Bunion related thing out there!  But...this Bunion Buster sock is really different this sock is much more! then a just SOCK! it provided comfort, and honestly made a difference realigning my toe.  


Dawn Cruz Verified Buyer

Okay, my sister loves them.

I have other Sockdocs products,  My sister needed something for her Bunion and I remembered seeing the bunion buster on this site Anyway she swears by them apprently it helped her, she was happy with the Bunion Buster sock. I remember her telling me, what its like not being bothered by the discomfort she just can't, and refuses to get used to.


Bunion Buster™ Benefits

  • Breathable for everyday wear

  • Realigns the Big Toe Joint

  • Reduction of Bunion & Hammertoe pain

  • Helps control over-lapping toes pain and swelling

  • A Better Alternative to bulky straps & splints

  • Day or Night splint – worn with or without shoes

  • Alternative to bunion surgery

Dr. David Shaffer is the founder of Sockdocs Inc. Our company was born from ingenuity, necessity, perseverance, and genuine concern for patient’s well being, to learn more about Dr. David Shaffer 

Convinced that foot wellness should not be financially prohibited, Dr. Shaffer set out to develop products that heal us while we wear them. By promoting preventive care and corrective care, Dr. Shaffer developed his SockBuddys socks design for arch and heel support, followed by the BunionBuster a specialty sock designed to bring relief to his patients that suffered from bunion pain and deformities. 


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