The Bunion Buster’s unique design combines comfort and support, along with a Splinting System Technology designed in our sock.  The splint relieves the pain and discomfort associated with Bunions and Hammertoes.

The Bunion Buster is a patented sock designed for the relief of bunion and Hammertoe pain.  The sock gently realigns the Big Toe joint and relieves the pain associated with Bunions and Hammertoes. The Bunion Buster can be worn with or without shoes, either as a day or night splint (or both). The Bunion Buster is the #1 alternative Splinting System on the market today.

Why wear bulky straps and splints that are ugly and uncomfortable!?

That is why the Bunion Buster is the go-to product for relief of Bunion and Hammertoe pain. It is an alternative means of treating painful and debilitating bunions and Hammertoes without surgery.

Get a pair of Bunion Busters at a cost of only $39.95 The Bunion Buster is the #1 selling bunion and Hammertoe splint on the market today for comfort and support.

Because the Bunion Buster is a one size fits all sock, it may require the wearer to manipulate the two-compartment on the sock so that the Big Toe and the four other toes are seated properly. Care should be taken to avoid bunching and wrinkling of the material.  This can be accomplished by gently pull the sock towards the heel and ankle, to assure a more comfortable fit.

Corrective and Preventative Properties

When your feeling discomfort and pain due to Bunions and Hammertoes, think of Sockdocs as your first and best solution to provide comfort and relief. Our patented design Splinting System offers the relief and comfort that you’re looking for, while also helping to realign the big toe. The Bunion Buster helps prevent the progression of a bunion deformity.

Day or Night

Engineered and designed with comfort in mind, the Bunion Buster can be worn with or without shoes, both as a day splint or night splint. Clinically proven safe and effective, our sock will leave your feet feeling comfortable and supportive, keeping your bunion and hammertoes in good alignment.

From the moment you try our product, you will benefit from the relief and comfort. Hands down the best socks you’ll ever put onto your feet, you’ll feel more comfortable in your shoes. More than that, our specialty socks are also an alternative to painful bunion surgery.

More Than a Splint

The Bunion Buster offers an alternative approach to traditional bulky straps and splints. With Sockdocs’, active foot care means more than comfort and relief; our socks help reduce other foot-related issues that start with a bunion.

Since research has shown that an untreated bunion gets worse over time, wearing the Bunion Buster with or without shoes provides relief. The added benefit of our Splinting System Technology helps to treat long-term, chronic pain associated with muscle, tendon, and ligament fatigue.

Bunion Buster Features & Benefits

  • Breathable for everyday wear

  • Realigns the Big Toe Joint

  • Reduction of Bunion & Hammertoe pain

  • Helps control over-lapping toes pain and swelling

  • A Better Alternative to bulky straps & splints

  • Day or Night splint – worn with or without shoes

  • Alternative to bunion surgery

Disclaimer:Patients who have diabetes or have poor circulation should consult their physician before using this product. The BunioBuster sock should not be worn if your feet are swollen and/or your foot size is greater than 10.