AireSocks -Travel socks with the Power of Copper with each step for every traveler. (Ankle and arch Support sock)

Swelling of the feet, ankles, and legs, is a common phenomenon that a traveler experiences while flying on a plane. Extended periods of inactivity, help contribute to the swelling in the extremities.  Normally, the body relies on the muscles, in the calf and leg to help circulate the blood and return it to the heart.  When flying, your legs are immobilized (sitting in a cramped position) resulting in an increased amount of pressure on blood vessels.

It works

A shaped heel cup for accurate positioning, a reinforced toe for comfort & durability our socks are designed to ensure a comfortable fit during everyday use.

Copper – Infused Technology

Copper provides anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-odor properties, Copper help eliminate bacterial and fungal growth, causing bacteria and viruses. Airesocks will prevent odor-causing fungi and bacterial forming, keeping your feet healthier and odor-free.

Better Circulation

Wearing the SockBuddys’ will help the circulation by preventing blood pooling in the lower extremities, allowing fluid to move into the surrounding tissue. The more you boost your blood flow, the lower the risk of developing swollen feet.

The Better Sock To Travel In

Our AireSocks provide compression around the Foot and Ankle, providing both support and comfort, helping to maintain proper foot alignment.

AireSocks’ Features & Benefits

  1. Reduces swelling when you travel during periods of inactivity.

  2. Traveling with AireSocks Improves overall circulation to your feet.

  3. Anti-Odor Protection of Copper means you can confidently take your shoes Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial & Anti-odor protection

  4. Protects your health from acquiring harmful pathogens/germs, especially when walking barefoot on nasty airline carpets and bathroom floors.

  5. It helps relieve muscle, tendon, and ligament fatigue due to inactivity.