About the Sockdocs® Affiliate Rewards Program

We are 100% committed to providing our Independent Affiliates and Customers the most attractive and highest quality product lines within the top trending industries. Our mission, at Sockdocs, is to bring the best preventive and correctional foot care products to the market.

The Sockdocs affiliate program was born from the idea of providing others the opportunity to participate in our incredible growth and generate life-changing income by empowering people with all the tools needed when they become a Sockdocs affiliate.  Everyone has a different definition of success but by becoming a Sockdocs affiliate, Success is a Choice! Our originality, vibrancy and positive approach, makes us a new force in foot care.

How doesAffiliate MarketingPrograms work

Our Affiliate marketing is a kind of marketing where Sockdocs rewards affiliates for visitors they send to the business’s site via the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. An affiliate system like our SOC™ System is the system that handles the affiliate accounts, the tracking of the traffic affiliates have sent to the site, and the monetary rewards the affiliates have earned for their efforts. The making of a wonderful relationship. Becoming An Affiliate

This diagram helps to illustrate how our SOC™ system works:

Becoming a Sockdocs Affiliate

Requirements to Become a Sockdocs Affiliate

• Be at least 18 years of age;
• Reside in the United States or other countries that we are open for business;
• Provide Sockdocs with his/her valid Social Security or Federal Tax ID number;
• Submit a properly completed Affiliate Application and Agreement to MDC
either in hard copy or online format.

Sockdocs® reserves the right to accept or reject any Affiliate Application and Agreement for any reason
or for no reason.

  • Affiliate Benefits
    Once an Affiliate Application and Agreement has been accepted by MDC, the benefits of the
    Compensation Plan and the Affiliate Agreement are available to the new Affiliate. These
    benefits include the right to:
    • Sell Sockdocs®­ products
    • Participate in the Sockdocs Affiliate Compensation Plan (receive bonuses and commissions, if eligible)
    • Sponsor other individuals as Customers or Affiliates into the Sockdocs Affiliate Program business and thereby, build a marketing organization and progress through the Sockdocs Affiliate Program Compensation Plan
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