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Welcome to the Sockdocs News & Media and Information page. Here you can find up-to-date news from Sockdocs, Inc. Including images for the press, background information, video media, and much more for use in editorial articles about our company. Here you can also learn about what we are about our brand and product brands.

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The Sockdocs® Brand

What is the Sockdocs brand?  In essence, there are several factors that collectively represent the make-up of the Sockdoc brand;  Our unique people, Our culture as a company, and Our values as a business.  The Sockdocs Brand was founded on and born from Ingenuity, Necessity, Perseverance, and a Supreme American Entrepreneurial Spirit. That is the Sockdocs Brand.

As a company, we truly care about our customers’ product experience . We strive to deliver high-quality, premium products, made with the best materials available, engineered, and manufactured for the prevention and treatment of common foot disorders. Sockdocs  products are designed to Relieve Muscle, Tendon and Ligament Fatigue, Reduce Foot, Ankle, & Leg Swelling, Reduce Bunion & Hammertoe pain, aide in the realigning of toes, deliver comfort and overall wellness to our customers’ feet; where ever they may take them,  Walk Better… Feel Better!

Our tagline is “Walk better… Feel better” We put this message inside each one of our products and is an essential component to our communication, designed to serve as a reminder, that a little improvement can add up to make a big difference. The Sockdocs Brand is a reminder that we want to be involved in the Consumers Foot Health and Wellness. The Sockdocs brand is an advocate to our targeted audience, encouraging the active role to stop suffering from foot-related ailments and start feeling better and keep moving forward. Let the Sockdocs Brand allow you the opportunity to place your best Foot Forward, allowing each person to make their own adventure a Reality…. Walk Better… Feel Better…….With Sockdoc Products!

SockDocs Brands

We have a many special stories to share that will enriches the understanding of what it is to care for your feet. Our originality, vibrancy and positive approach, makes us a new force in foot care. Our products promise to:

• Prevention and treatment of common foot disorders
• Over-lapping toes
• Realigning the Big Toe
• Reducing of Bunion & Hammer toe pain
• Relieving Muscle, Tendon and Ligament Fatigue
• Reducing Foot, Ankle, & Leg swelling
• Improving comfort and overall wellness

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