About Sockdocs

Sockdocs Inc, was born from ingenuity, necessity, perseverance, and excellent bedside manners. Developed by Dr. Shaffer, Sockdocs’ products derive from humble beginnings and a simple goal. Make the best socks that help folks heal faster and feel better again . Convinced that foot wellness should not be financially prohibited, Dr. Shaffer set out to develop products that work our feet. By promoting preventive care and corrective care, Dr. Shaffer developed his SockBuddys™ socks design for arch and heel support, followed by the BunionBuster® a specialty sock designed to bring relief to his patients that suffered from bunion pain and deformities. Now with Sockettes™ Anklet socks designed for performance, leisure, and overall comfort and support.  These sporty socks can be worn all year round, but have become more popular in the warmer months.  Unlike traditional crew socks, Sockettes do not extend above the ankle joint, keeping the lower leg cooler, with considerable less constriction.
This is why our mantra is “Walk better… Feel better .”  We put this mantra inside each Sockdocs item as a reminder that little improvements can add up to make a big difference. Being active and a participant in our feet’s health is directly connected to our overall health and wellness. Stop suffering from foot-related ailments and start feeling and moving as you remember. Learn more about our innovative foot care products .